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Customer Experience


Developed exclusively by BigEars, Customer Radio lies at the heart of all of our feedback programmes, underpinning our commitment to ensuring that customer voices are shared and heard across your organisation.

Dynamic dashboards give an overview of your team’s performance. Click through to hear the customer stories that lie behind the numbers.

Customer Radio allows you to engage with your customers, hear their emotion, share their joy and their pain. Most importantly, a habit of listening will drive your business forward in a truly customer-centric way.

Online Voice

Online Voice, the newest addition to our suite of BigEars products, is a feedback tool combining the benefits of a voice survey with the convenience of a web survey.

A user-friendly web interface invites customers to answer questions by voice or keypad (there is no app to download), making it easy for your phone-centric customers to give you rich customer insights on the go. 

Customer Needs Solution is an innovative way to provide information on something that is fundamentally very simple. It provides a lens which allows you a clear view of your customers needs and wants and help you take the action you need to ensure you are meeting these. 

BigEars has brought CNS to market together with its creator  Stephen Hewett – a widely recognised Customer Experience guru and thought leader – and draws on his decades of experience and expertise working in the CX space.



We run a range of workshops to help get you started with a BigEars programme. From understanding your customers’ needs, to writing an engaging dialogue, we will work closely with you to get the best result. 

A collaborative approach will ensure your people are on board for your organisation’s journey toward customer-centricity.


Our in-house curation team will sort your feedback into themes and categories according to your specific requirements. The most insightful feedback is brought to the surface and emerging themes are highlighted, keeping you ahead of the curve. We also provide regular audio and video compilations to help in staff-training, presentations, and to encourage company-wide engagement from the frontline to the boardroom.


We’re proud of the transcription service we offer here at BigEars, where every customer comment is transcribed by an expert transcriber. 

Our transcribers operate in 2 teams – UK and NZ – ensuring a 24/7, real-time service. We require a minimum 97% accuracy rate and we understand the importance of spelling, grammar and punctuation. 


Feedback Curation

We provide the curation specialists to take the pressure off your team and surface the most relevant themes, trends and Needs

SMS / Email Invite

Address customers with customised invites and invite them to opt into a quality feedback experience

Call Backs

Our call back system allows you to intervene early and intercept clients before they leave or become complaints.


Our customisable alerts allow you to know immediately if you receive notable or actionable feedback 


All voice feedback is transcribed by one of our expert transcribers, giving you unmatched accuracy, readability and searchability

Multi Language

No matter how you want to ask the why we can assist. With a global base of clients, BigEars has developed the ability to reach any audience, in any language 

Easy Integration

We have a very integration-friendly platform that can integrate into pretty much anything. So if you need to integrate to other technologies, existing tools, your CRM, or even a data lake, we can!

Sentiment Capture

We deliver high-quality verbatim comments that are tagged with a sentiment score direct from the customer. As the customer defines sentiment and subject, it is always 100% accurate

Branching logic

Our customer engagement technology is the most sophisticated on the market. We deliver dynamic virtual interviews that offer targeted questions based on who each customer is and the responses they’ve given

Audio / Video Mashups

The very best and most impactful feedback, edited into one easily digestible and shareable formats

Playlists / Stations

Automated and customizable filters that can sort your feedback into a easy to digest structure

Discovery Search

Our powerful native elastic search engine lets you search or filter your feedback by keywords or phrases, by score, question, or just about anything else you can think of

Triggered Delivery

With technology that can be integrated into almost anything, there are numerous ways and channels we can trigger a survey request relevant to that experience

Ban Lists

Ban-lists ensure that any customers who have opted out or unsubscribed will be stood down from receiving invites. Or they are not asked again if they have been recently asked.

Root Cause Analysis

Assign root causes to your feedback so you can analyse and track impact over time.

Scheduled Survey

Our smart system allows you to send surveys out whatever date or time you wish

Time Based Charts

With live and time-based charts updated as feedback comes in you can easily see how you are performing now or overtime

Interactive Dashboards

Our interactive dashboards are a gateway to understanding the drivers behind your key metrics. Click on a chart or number to understand what underpins the metric