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In this fast-paced world of technology and customer expectations, it's more important than ever to have an excellent experience with your organisation. Bigears has a unique ability that allows you to not only gain qual or quant feedback in realtime but also turn those insights into actionable insights which are easy understand and easy to share.

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Full VOC Programme
Full Service
12 months+
Data Requirement
5,000+ monthly records

No one-size-fits-all solution

After 16 years in Customer Experience we know there is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to executing your customer experience programme. Not all your customers are the same, and not all organisations are at the same maturity level, so your approach should be tailored for your organisation and your customers.

How it works

- Programme Design
We will work with key stakeholders from across the organisation to understand the needs of different departments. Our workshops will focus on using the right methodologies across the right channels and touch points on the customer journey.
- Dialogue Design
Asking the right questions will help you get the right answers. With input from linguistics and analysis experts we can create question dialogues that will setup your programme to get maximum insights for all stakeholders.
- Data Security Review
With our approach to Information security you can be confident that your data is protected according to the highest industry standards of confidentiality, integrity and availability. We are happy to comply with any data security reviews needed.
- Build and Test
Voice enabled surveys will be built using our Online Voice technology. Regardless of the tools everything will be tested to ensure you have a faultless programme.
- Customer Radio Setup
Customer Radio is the only voice feedback app of its kind in the world, it is where your quantitative and qualitative data lives. Rather than reducing feedback to a set of keywords and points on a graph, Customer Radio makes it easy for you to listen to, sort, and share the actual voices of your customers. We will set this up to meet the needs of your organisation.
- Dashboard Configuration
Dashboards can be role based and are fully configurable. We will set this up so everyone in your organisation sees exactly what they need and are supposed to.
- Invite/Collect
We manage the whole invite and collection process. All campaigns will have specific rules such as invite methodology, scheduling, or time ban lists so your customer are not being over surveyed. All responses are collected and fed directly into Customer Radio.
- Transcription/Translation
Every voice comment is transcribed by one of our expert transcribers, giving you unmatched accuracy and readability. Any comment can be translated so you can see what customers are saying in any country.
- Curation
Each month we create playlists and stations on emerging themes, and on any topics specified by you. We can sort and organise the feedback by geography, transaction type, demographically - or by any criteria you suggest. And never miss a vulnerable or at-risk customer. Our curation specialists will identify and escalate any potential issues.
- Alerts
Our alerts send feedback alerts to the right people in your organisation for a fast and effective response. Alerts contain metadata about the customer and their interaction, their feedback in writing, as well as a link to the audio so your team can truly listen. You could receive call back alerts, low score alerts, or even perfect score alerts for when you have wowed a customer.
- Reporting
As standard you will have access to the reporting dashboard, which is customisable, dynamic, clickable, searchable and can have a role based view.
- Audio/Video Compilations
We make it easier for you and your team members to consume the Voice of the Customer. So, we distil the the key themes and very best insights into audio or video compilations that are easy-to share and are extremely impactful.

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Business Impact

The biggest impact from a Bigears VoC programme will be how using Voice unites and motivates the entire workforce to empathise with and provide better services for the customer.

- Deliver excellent CX along every touchpoint in the customer journey

- Increased customer retention

- Decreased cost of customer service

- Improved employee satisfaction

"Seeing the written feedback absolutely has impact. But hearing the customer say it takes it to an entirely new level. Listening to a customer give us some positive feedback is just so powerful. It really brings it home and reminds everyone regardless of their role, regardless of whether they’re customer facing or not, regardless of whether they’re part of the executive team or someone on the phones, just how important it is that we remember our customers. It reminds you that these are real people going through real experiences.”

Deborah Green - Cabot
Deborah Green

Need more?

If you lack internal resources or just need a little more to get the most out of you VoC programme we can help with that too.

  • Analysis

    Need statistical analysis, deeper insights from the data or want to support strategic decisions? We can help.

  • Observational Report

    Observational Reporting
    Need a monthly or quarterly written report with observational analysis? We can help.

  • Analysis Reporting

    Analysis Reporting
    Need a monthly or quarterly written report with deep data analysis? We can help.

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Can my customer feedback be integrated with my CRM, BI data lake, and other technologies?

The answer is, absolutely.  We have a very integration-friendly platform that can work with pretty much anything. We already have data-feeds in place going for other clients. So if you need to integrate to other technologies, existing tools, your CRM or even a data lake, we can.

Can you start with very simple/manual integration?

We have manual file delivery options that some clients use, especially during a pilot or initial deployment stage, to get a feedback program going with little or no involvement from limited internal IT resources. Automated delivery is important to put in place as soon as you can, because it keeps the process robust, and the data fresh.Other forms of optional integration can add even more value to your Cx program and we discuss those below. The following optional integrations can be relevant / beneficial to your program if your other platforms (like CRM) are integration friendly.

Can I add CX feedback links in my CRM

If your CRM provides APIs or other automated means to augment a customer record, we can insert links to customer feedback in the CRM record, so anyone viewing that customer, if they have permission can click straight through to their feedback. Useful information to include alongside the feedback links are data and time of the feedback, whether feedback was positive or negative. Generally it is a good practise to use links rather than full feedback detail in the CRM itself, as this minimises CRM integration, and makes the integration more robust over time (for e.g. robust to changes to the feedback program).

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