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Listening should be easy to do. Understanding needs, emotions, and how your people and customers feel about you as an organisation is vital to ensure your success.

All of our surveys are respondent centric by design. Giving feedback should be a good experience and yet so often it is far from that. We are proud of the quality feedback opportunities we can offer your customers and people. We lead with voice surveys but are not limited to these – we also offer web surveys or our newest offering – Online Voice which is web based and allows customers to choose whether to speak or type their responses.

Customer Radio is where all the feedback we collect for you resides. This audio-centric portal allows you to search and filter feedback; by score, by keyword, by whatever you want,  to find customer stories that support the work you are doing. Our customisable dashboard contains all the charts and graphs you need to understand the key trends and metrics that are driving your business – but the dashboard is not the destination, it’s the gateway to the insight. Click through the charts and graphs to hear your customers and people telling you the reasons for their scores.  

We enable you to respond rapidly to customer needs and concerns, act quickly to turn complaints into advocacy and close the feedback loop successfully.

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Case Studies


RCI is a timeshare exchange travel company operating in 110 countries. In 2020, they wanted a deeper level of understanding of their customer’s needs than their existing CX platforms could provide. Download our in-depth case study to understand exactly how BigEars helped.


Racetech is a world-leading manufacturer of motor racing seats, harnesses and safety accessories – who needed a clearer understanding of their customer needs, along a highly complex path to purchase. Download our in-depth case study to understand exactly how BigEars helped.

What our clients say

“Seeing the written feedback absolutely has impact. But hearing the customer say it takes it to an entirely new level. Listening to a customer give us some positive feedback is just so powerful. It really brings it home and reminds everyone regardless of their role, regardless of whether they’re customer facing or not, regardless of whether they’re part of the executive team or someone on the phones, just how important it is that we remember our customers. It reminds you that these are real people going through real experiences.”

Catharine Alford, Customer Manager – Cabot UK 

“In terms of insight, it was instant.”

Matt Fuller, Operations Manager – Loyalty NZ

“With voice feedback we’ve been able to retain several customers who were ready to leave us. One recent example was a customer who represented half-a-million dollars of lending value. She was very unhappy and we were able to resolve the issue and retain her business. We would never have known about her without the voice feedback program.”

Toni Swatridge, Customer Strategy – Kiwibank

“Our COO was our most active listener. I think that highlights that this can be set up as part of your daily business process. To start the day with ten minutes saying, ‘what is it customers are telling us,’ would be a really healthy way for people–to go about their day.”

Jaime Dyhrberg, Service Development Manager – WCC

“ By the simplicity and power of the customer voice we have considerably grown our desire to understand what our customers want from us”

Deborah Green, COO – Cabot Financial