CX Maturity

CX Maturity

The Journey To Customer Experience Maturity

A customer-centric culture requires a commitment to a continuous journey of improvement.  By listening to feedback and acting on it, you will over time reach the goal of the customer’s voice being central to strategic business decisions. Typically we see successful organisations with a mature customer experience go through five stages of maturity.BigEars can expertly help set-up, support and guide  organisations at all stages of the maturity model.



We work in partnership with you to implement a feedback programme that’s less cookie cutter, more bespoke. Drawing on over 15 years of experience, we’ll craft a feedback programme that truly captures your customer needs.

Implement a feedback programme that reflects your organisation and its customers
- Dynamic workshops & surveys
- Language that reflects you
- Expert advice from the BigEars team
Immediate Response

Immediate Response

With BigEars you’ll gather insight, quickly!  It’s important that you’re able to respond quickly too. Our award-winning solution will give you the tools you need to delight customers by closing the loop.

Intervene early and respond efficiently and effectively to customers

- Customer rescue function
- Action alerts for coaching
- Customer Radio for CX team
Annual Survey

Corrective Action

As feedback is collected you’ll be able to use the customer’s voice in coaching conversations. Celebrate and understand what success looks like while improving key processes and touch points along the customer journey.

Bring customer voice into coaching, recognition, and process improvement

- Develop induction & training
- Performance recognition
- Customer Radio for Exec team
Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement

CX now forms part of your continuous improvement initiatives and is consistently being refined. We can work with you to investigate and understand drivers for success or failure, identifying root causes and bringing your whole organisation on the journey to CX maturity.

Systematically refine CX by uncovering, investigating, and understanding drivers for failure

- Root Cause Analysis function
- Performance recognition
- Customer Radio for leaders
Strategic change

Strategic Change

Our world-leading feedback tools and methodologies help you ensure that your next strategic decision will meet your customers needs and improve their experience. We’ll help you harness the power of voice, giving the customer a seat at the table, developing customer-empathy, and driving customer-centric decision making.

Develop a culture of customer empathy and drive customer centric decisions at all levels
- Cultural development focus
- Targeted research campaigns
- Customer Radio for all