Online Voice

The worlds first browser based voice survey
Online Voice

Real “Voice of the Customer”

Not just a collection tool

We have a voice and customer-centric approach to CX, with technologies, methodologies, and services designed to make it easy for the customers needs to be surfaced and their voices to be amplified throughout organisations, from the front line to the boardroom.

Talk or type

Online Voice is a fresh engagement experience that combines the convenience of online feedback with the rich insight of voice feedback. It allows the customer to give feedback how they want to, whether that is via talking or typing.

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Choice of the Customer

Respondent friendly

No more being forced through long and arduous surveys causing feedback fatigue. The dynamic design of Online Voice allows the “Customer” to tell you what is most important to them and exactly how they feel about it.


Built in smarts make it super fast for respondents to share what is on their mind and for organisations to quickly capture this in a meaningful and useable way.

Built for needs

One of the biggest gaps in CX for organisations is understanding their Customer Needs. Online Voice is designed so organisations can easily capture and track performance against those needs.

Needs and drivers

Customer Needs & Drivers

Understanding how well your organisation meets the needs of its customers is fundamental in understanding where to focus your operational resources and strategy. By first understanding how well you’ve met a particular need and then what ‘driver’ contributed to that success or failure you will be able to focus your energy in the right areas. Customers will talk about drivers in the process of providing feedback on whether you met a need. This will often point you directly to the actionable insight you’re looking for.Being able to quickly identify how well needs are being met and the root causes of this will differentiate you, help you prioritise resources, and enable better strategic planning or investment.

Invite across channels

Invite across channels

Invite customers to provide feedback using multiple channels of choice at different touch points relevant to that customer’s journey.

Metric Agnostic

Metric Agnostic

We understand that organisations may be using a range of metrics such as NPS and CSAT. Our Online Voice surveys are designed to work across all common CX metrics, including Customer Needs.

We will help you understand the feedback behind your chosen metrics like never before using real voice and a survey experience your customers will actually enjoy.



Online Voice alert system

Alerts provide you with a real time, tactical opportunity to reward and call out good performance or respond quickly when things do not go to plan.

- Escalation alerts for vulnerable or at-risk customers
- Be notified when a score is below expectations
- Quickly capture unhappy customers and close the loop
- Notify staff when they have wowed a customer

Complex Data

Complex Data

Match data with customer feedback in real-time

Data enables customer information such as segmentation, channel, department to be paired with any feedback received. By matching up the data we enable you to understand the feedback you receive with greater clarity.

Device Agnostic

Device & Platform Agnostic

- Nothing to download or install
- No reliance proprietary systems
- Works on all devices that can access a browser

Customer Journey

Customer Journey

Online Voice can be used to ask the right questions, at the right stage, via the right touchpoint with the right measure.

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