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Customer Needs Analysis

Do you know your customers’ needs?
94% of CEOs
say customer needs are the most important data needed to make decisions about the durability and long-term success of their business. But only 15% believe they comprehensively understands them.
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Customer Needs Analysis
End to End
Full Report
2 weeks
Data Requirement
10,000+ records


Using our custom-built technology fused with a ground-breaking methodology and decades of deep CX experience our Customer Needs Analysis can provide a real-time view of an organisations customers’ needs, drivers, and emotions. Backed by quantitative and qualitative data the Customer Needs Analysis will deliver the irrefutable voice of the customer and make it easy for your organisations to know exactly where and how to take action.

What's included

- Discovery Session
A 2hr discovery session with key stakeholders to really understand your organisational needs and desired project outputs.
- Design
Based on the organisational needs we will take care of all of the survey dialogue design, invite methodology and analysis method.
- Survey build
We will build and test all surveys, branching logic and campaign parameters. Surveys will be built using our Online Voice technology, which will allow respondents to talk or type their responses.
- Collecting Responses
We will take care of the whole process from invites through to collating all responses into our Customer Radio platform.
- Transcription/Translation

All voice and feedback in other languages will be transcribed/translated.
- Curation
A code frame will be applied and all of the data will be tagged to themes.
- Analysis
Our analysis team will analyse all the qual and quant data to uncover themes, trends and insights.
- Report
All findings will presented in a final report. Our analysts will attend session and answer any question you might have.
- Video Compilation
We will create an animated video compiled with the key themes coming directly from the voice of the customer.
- Continued access to the VOC
We will give your organisation 6 months access to Customer Radio, so you can listen to, search and analyse the customer data beyond this project.

Information Security
You can be confident that your data is protected according to the highest industry standards of confidentiality, integrity and availability.
Data Security
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Business Impact

- Within a couple of weeks of us receiving data, you will know what your customer's needs are, how your organisation is performing against those needs and the "why" behind the scores.

- We will enable your organisation to better meet the needs of your customers across channels or touch points.

- You will know what to focus organisational efforts on, where  to prioritise operational efficiency and inform key strategic decision making.

- Anchored in robust data, you will have the genuine and irrefutable voice of the customer that can be easily shared throughout your organisation.

"what we loved most about working with Bigears is the way the data was presented to us at the end. We collected a lot of responses and making your way through that amount of data is very overwhelming. But the way they present the data it gave us clear results and direction. We then of course have access to all the data should we need that too. We feel more confident that in the future, should we need to answer these important question, we can get the answers."

Alyssa Dowsett
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