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The best way to understand your customers’ satisfaction levels is by conducting customer surveys. This will allow you to not only assess how satisfied they are, but also what has caused them feel that way, and if there's anything about the products, services or experience that could be improved upon.

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BigEars are award-winning pioneers in customer experience. We have been innovators in the customer experience space for over 17 years and our organisational capabilities in linguistics, speech recognition, data analysis and digital technology have shaped our approach and methodologies to provide best-in-class solutions.

How we work

- Dialogue Design
One size fits all surveys cannot deliver the kind of rich insight that will uncover hidden and/or latent customer needs. These insights are crucial to gaining an understanding of the gaps in your service. We tailor every dialogue to fit the client, drawing on more than a decade’s experience to extract maximum insight.

- Dynamic Customer Surveys
Static questions have limited capability when trying to extract insights from your customers. Our customer engagement technology is the most sophisticated on the market. We can deliver dynamic customer surveys that offer targeted questions based on who each customer is and the responses they’ve given. Typically we offer multiple targeted follow-up verbatim questions and associated ratings to make best use of the time your customers give you.

- Methods
BigEars takes a huge amount of pride and effort in ensuring that the feedback surveys we create and the methods we use allow for a good customer experience. Our technology is metric agnostic, so whatever organisational measure needs to be used we can easily handle it

.- Insights behind the scores
The problem we have solved is how to make the qualitative feedback accessible, digestible, and shareable, so it too can be part of the picture. We have built a suite of tools to handle this in an elegant and seamless way, so that understanding the customer stories behind the score will become second nature for your organisation. These customer stories will be the examples you are able to cite when you explain why the numbers on your graphs and charts are changing.

.- Reporting
We extend beyond the traditional approach of just providing a well designed report. Stakeholders will have access to our Customer Radio app purpose-built for reading and listening to respondent comments, to better understand the stories behind the numbers. CustomerRadio is an empathy-building tool that enables staff to walk in the customer's shoes.

Business Impact

- Adding real customer stories to the data

Verbal responses have proven especially powerful in aligning teams behind a common goal, improving processes and services and benefitting the customer.

- Track performance over time
Benchmarking your annual performance will allow you to track performance and whether changes are having the desired effect.

- Build up your customer profile
Knowing your target audience is important for understanding what they want and need. You can use questions about age, gender or location to better understand customers before deciding how the deliver new products and services.

- Build customer relationships
Show customers that you are listening and acting on their feedback. This can be an easy way to retain existing clients, as well as attract new ones.

- Customer Retention
62% of customers think organisations need to care more about them. Knowing how you customers feel will help with the 9.5% of revenue at risk from those customers walking away after a bad experience.

"what we loved most about working with Bigears is the way the data was presented to us at the end. We collected a lot of responses and making your way through that amount of data is very overwhelming. But the way they present the data it gave us clear results and direction. We then of course have access to all the data should we need that too. We feel more confident that in the future, should we need to answer these important question, we can get the answers."

Alyssa Dowsett
Alyssa Dowsett
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