Being in the feedback business, when a company I’m a customer of asks me to give feedback, I usually do. I’m often amazed though at what a mediocre job companies do with their customer surveys. I’m especially amazed if it’s a company that I generally enjoy interacting with – a company that has already nailed the engaging language, interesting email updates, seamless user experience.

Survey length, tone and structure are common problems….unnecessarily complex language, irrelevant questions and a sterile formal tone for an otherwise upbeat brand.

There are missed opportunities too…the survey I completed this morning asked a great question…”which other well-known brands would you most relate to us”?

Had it been an open ended question there was so much for them to learn about how customers perceive their brand, especially if they’d followed up with a “why” question.

But, it was not to be. The question was not open ended. 4 choices were given for respondents to select from. None of them would have been top of my mind. But I duly selected one and hit submit. No doubt the company will draw important conclusions about their brand based on these responses.

And yet there was so much more to be learned by asking the question in a different way.