Customer needs content

Access to the most critical data

Do you know your customers’ needs? According to 94% of CEOs, customer needs are the most important data needed to make decisions about the durability and long-term success of their business. But only 15% believe that their organisation comprehensively understands them.

We can help!

Using our custom-built technology fused with a ground-breaking methodology and decades of deep CX experience our Customer Needs Analysis can provide a real-time view of an organisations customers’ needs, drivers, and emotions. Backed by quantitative and qualitative data the Customer Needs analysis will deliver the irrefutable voice of the customer and make it easy for organisations to know exactly where and how to take action.

Get in touch with us and our team of experts will work with you and show you exactly how our methodology works so you can get the critical insights you need to be successful!

What to expect from a Needs Analysis

  • Define and analyse the needs of your customers

It’s time to get personal. Let us conduct definitions and a thorough assessment of your customers’ needs in order to help separate the wheat from the proverbial chaff

  • Identify the most important needs right now

Uncover the most pressing needs of your customers. For when just a shrug is not enough, this gives you the answer to, “What’s on customers’ minds?”

  • Measure how your business is performing against them

Do you know if you are meeting your customers’ needs? We can solve that for you. We’ll do the hard work of measuring how your business is performing against customer each of your customers needs

  • Have the ability to drill down to channel, touchpoint, stage, or even product 

Knowing where needs are and are not being met is critical. If you have the data we have the ability to drill down to channel, touchpoint, stage, product pretty much anywhere!

  • Understand what your customer sentiment is 

Consumer decisions are more than ever driven by emotion. We go direct to customers so you can know exactly how they are feeling, without any guesswork

  • Extract the “why” or driver behind the scores

It is great to get a number on how you are performing but in order to take action, you need to also know the “why” behind the scores. We bring the qualitative to the quantitative for you for the most authentic, irrefutable customer voice you can get.

  • Listen to real customer “voice”

Get ready to listen directly from your customers, so you can experience exactly how they experience your business. It is like have 100’s of customers in the boardroom and them being able to tell you what is most important to them and why.