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RCI is a timeshare exchange travel company operating in 110 countries.In 2020, they wanted a deeper level of understanding of their customer’s needs than their existing CX platforms could provide.

The Challenge

RCI needed to go beyond the numbers, for a deeper understanding of what their customer’s needs were, how they were performing against those needs and to gain ongoing insights that they could act on.With operations around the globe, their surveys and feedback had to be localised and translated across multiple languages.

The Process

BigEars’ Online Voice solution let users talk or type their feedback - in their own voice, words, and language -for greater understanding and impact.All data was fed into RCI’s ‘Customer Radio’, where the quantitative data was visualised, and the qualitative data could be ranked, searched, and filtered into playlists based on different themes and topics –with real-time alerts highlighting issues, and the ability to share positives with managers and teams.From question design, to translating across languages and helping interpret the results, the BigEars team collaborated closely with RCI throughout the process to create maximum, ongoing value.

The Outcomes

When the Covid-19 pandemic hit the entire travel industry, RCI’s ability to listen, test and adapt left the company uniquely positioned to respond -quickly and accurately - to the changing needs of it’s members.

“The ability to listen to the customer was something we hadn’t come across before in any contact centre survey. It provides that human connection for those that are not on the front line, and I believe the variety and the depth of the feedback we received was key to RCI meeting the needs of our members.”

Ryan Langley
CX Manager EMEA, APAC & India

The Outcomes

focused RCI on the emerging needs of their audiences, while the power of the data helped internal teams build the case for change, quickly.

created significant benefits in changing cancellation policies, and in designing & implementing valuable new products and offers.

circulated easily through RCI’s full team... with all agents accessingCustomer Radio and receiving regular ‘customer voice’ playlists.

were conducted weekly, bringing authentic ‘customer voices’ to key
marketing, business development, finance and customer contact staff.

RCI have extended BigEars’ systems and capabilities from theirEuropean operations to Asia Pacific, with other key markets next in line.

“Prior to utilising BigEars it was very difficult to build use cases based on the feedback we received. To me the value of BigEars is in the ease of being able to share meaningful feedback, and act upon that… it’s that accessibility and speed that has essentially transformed our feedback programme here at RCI.”

Ryan Langley
CX Manager EMEA, APAC & India

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