Understanding customer's needs
on a complex pathway to purchase

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Racetech is a world-leading manufacturer of motor racing seats, harnesses and safety accessories - who needed a clearer understanding of their customer needs, along a highly complex path to purchase.

The Challenge

With a high value, feature-rich safety product range, and a diverse audience of racing enthusiasts, DIY installers ,and professional racing teams with varying levels of knowledge - there were no simple paths, universal truths or easy answers. Racetech’s focus also extended beyond their own customers and products -with a need to understand and monitor broader, industry-wide attitudes around safety.

The Process

We worked with Racetech to determine the best points to intercept their target audience - from existing customers to the wider racing community.Respondents answered initial questions with a rating, then gave the detail behind it, in their own words and with the option to use their own voice, simply and easily from their device.Blending the rich insights of a genuine customer voice, with‘ online’ flexibility and convenience. All feedback was fed into Racetech’s CUSTOMER RADIO platform - where it could be listened to, measured, searched and filtered as required... monitored through an interactive dashboard...and easily shared with Racetech’s team.

The Outcomes

Richer, more engaging feedback - delivered in a user-friendly way -enabled Racetech to make the customer voice a powerful force in strategic decision making, marketing direction, and product conversations.

‘We knew we needed to test our assumptions and market understanding -to help guide significant new digital investment.What we didn’t expect, was the depth and richness of the data we’d receive...and the range of opportunities that it would give us - from optimising communications, to growing our influence and visibility within our industry.”

Matt Fuller Racetech
Matt Fuller
Operations Manager

The Outcomes

Racetech confirmed over 80% of prior assumptions, and uncovered key areas of learning - giving solid data points to guide strategic decisions and marketing spend.

Detailed profiles of customers and their needs were built across a broad range of different racing types - which could also be used as a baseline comparison for entering new markets.

Customer-centricity was taken to new levels - with the priorities and language of customers shaping product language, infographic assets and marketing across a range of channels.

Customer Radio provided an authentic customer voice, and insights, that were used to inform and inspire a new professional content writing program.

The surprisingly low levels of safety understanding found in the market were leveraged into an opportunity to lead the industry. By driving new, high-quality educational content focused on the links between safety and performance, Racetech can open up new partnerships with racing industry organisations to achieve a new level of visibility, and demonstrate expertise.

“Having such comprehensive, powerful learnings lets us approach decisions and investments with real confidence. In cost vs investment terms the project was a no-brainer…. and we can already see the ongoing potential for our bottom line and ROI. Our engagement with the BigEars team is now ongoing -and we see this as a vital and valuable partnership for Racetech’s future.”

Matt Fuller
Matt Fuller
Operations Manager

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