Strategic Insights

Kitomba case study

Kitomba is a spa and salon business management software for the Australian and New Zealand hair and beauty industry.
They needed a clearer understanding of their customer needs to help them choose the best path for future product development.

The Challenge

Kitomba found themselves at a bit of a crossroads with their product. They knew there were several different routes that they could take to pursue future development. But they didn’t want to make a decision without understanding what their customers wanted and the time frame they wanted it in. These insights were critical for Kitomba, as they would help shape their strategy for the next three years.

The Process

We worked very closely with Kitomba to help them perfect their questions. Kitomba needed to make sure that the language being used in the questions was understandable to their customers, they did not want to have any leading questions and they had to get answers to quite unique questions.
Both the order of the questions and the wording were very important to Kitomba. Figuring out what the customer wanted and presenting this information in a clear concise manner was essential. All of the data was fed into Kitomba's CUSTOMER RADIO platform. From which it could be filtered into specific needs, visualised through interactive dashboards, and easily shared with the team at Kitomba.

What we loved most about working with Big Ears is the way the data was presented to us at the end. We collected a lot of responses and making your way through that amount of data is very overwhelming. But with the way they present the data, it gave us clear results and direction. We then of course have access to all the data should we need that too."

Alyssa Dowsett
Marketing Manager

The Outcomes

Racetech confirmed over 80% of prior assumptions, and uncovered key areas of learning - giving solid data points to guide strategic decisions and marketing spend.

"The results received from the survey were incredible. It was very apparent what our customers wanted and having those types of results has allowed us to confidently set our product strategy for the coming years "

"Customer surveys are a big investment of time and effort, and you can’t guarantee the results. But we feel we now have a fantastic solution to use going forward"

"Something else that’s fantastic about Big Ears is the ability for your respondents to provide a spoken response to your questions. This was very popular among our customers and it’s incredibly valuable to be able to hear people speaking rather than only reading responses"

All of the customer voice, data and visualisations continue to be available to Kitomba for as long as needed via Customer Radio.

“We feel more confident that in the future, should we need to answer these important questions, we can get the answers"

Alyssa Dowsett
Marketing Manager

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