Needs and wants

Core Needs vs Aspirational Wants

The true marker of a successful feedback process isn’t actually how you gather the feedback – it’s what you do with the feedback afterwards. Australian shoe startup ‘Shoes of Prey’ recently learned this the hard way. They provided a service based almost entirely on customer feedback – they created a platform where customers could customise..

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Ask and you shall receive

Ask and you shall receive….

Great article from Neil Hoyne about the power of asking for positive feedback. The Power of the Positive Ask Totally agree with Neil…..putting your best foot forward applies to many situations, and gathering customer feedback is no exception. In fact, companies can influence future customer behavior simply by directly asking for positive feedback! When..

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Dehumanisation of data

The dehumanisation of data and research

A recent article by Emmet O’Briain really sparked my interest and after sitting down to read it through, I found there were so many great points that I felt that Big Ears customers could both relate to, and use to their benefit! The article itself is a bit lengthy and requires a bit more attention than..

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Fighting feedback fatigue

Fighting Feedback Fatigue

An article that begins with the sentence “Aren’t you sick of being hounded for customer feedback?!”, is guaranteed to grab my attention. Not just because of the nature of my work, but because I’m genuinely interested in why the author has such apathy towards giving feedback. I understand that to many, giving feedback seems like a..

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We hear you

We hear you!

There’s a saying that I come back to quite often – “If you want someone to listen, you have to start the conversation”. I was recently highly amused to see a man from Birmingham has taken that advice and gone ahead and started a very loud conversation. Last month a man named “Callum Reed” took..

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Oral storytelling

Effective Storytelling

Emily Writes is a blogger – living in Wellington. Her blog posts often appear in my social media feeds. Her writing always has an impact on me as she is a very skilled and accomplished writer. She writes in a way that makes me laugh and empathise and relate to her. Today one of her..

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Getting what you want

You Can’t Always Get What You Want

I’m going through an insurance claim at the moment….and it’s painful. I’m a very enthusiastic, but very amateur photographer – and, on a recent long haul flight my “go to” lens (16 – 300 for any photographers reading this) was dropped and damaged beyond repair. Until I am able to navigate my way to the..

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Emotionally correct

Emotional Connectedness

“Emotionally connected customers are 52% more valuable, on average, than those who are just highly satisfied” Harvard Business Review, The New Science of Customer Emotions An interesting article recently published by Harvard Business Review explored the correlation between how emotionally connected a customer is and how that increases their lifetime value and their spending..

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Customer survey

The Power Cut, the Faults Guy and the Customer Survey.

It was a dark and stormy night, the fire was lit, dinner was in the oven (fish pie), the kids were watching a movie, I’d just poured a glass of wine, and then….it went all dark! All the lights went out and every appliance went off. At first it was exciting – torches were found, the kids..

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Customer empathy

Understanding Your Customers

When I think about excellence in Customer Experience, the company that immediately springs to mind is Zappos. Zappos is a bright, shining, super nova example of a company who have made Customer Experience their main thing. There are so many warm and fuzzy examples of customers who have been sent membership upgrades, hand written cards, bouquets..

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