BigEars Pulse – Staff Wellbeing 

Engage, collect, analyse, and track critical Staff Wellbeing information.

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Why Pulse?

Staff Wellbeing

BigEars Pulse has been designed to ensure you can easily check in on, and track the wellbeing of your team. It has been created to be engaging and convenient for team members to use and can be configured to suit the specific needs of your team. It’s user-centric and does not require your team members to answer a lengthy questionnaire, instead, it allows them to set the agenda and tell you about the things that are important to them right now. It’s easy to deploy, can be anonymised if that is preferred and can alert you to any urgent issues or needs that need to be addressed.

Business Continuity

BigEars Pulse is a business continuity planning tool that gives you visibility and clarity around organisational challenges. The deep insights BigEars Pulse can help you uncover provide the business intelligence you need to respond to any major event that causes disruption to BAU.

Risk Management

BigEars Pulse collects information from staff which empowers you to understand and mitigate risks and compliance issues and support decision making.

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Triage – Smart System

Our alert technology can notify you when something or someone needs attention. This may come from low or below par scores. We can even enable your staff to self triage allowing you to optimise your resources.

Respondents Choice 

Empowering your people to feel safe enough to continually give open and honest feedback.

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Employee data is collected and tied to the survey responses. A deeper level of analysis and reporting is achievable. Authorised users can drill down into personally identifiable responses.


Responses are not tied back to an employee. Audio is disabled and the ability to drill down into personally identifiable responses is prevented apart from areas where respondents can have the option to provide their own information in the survey (e.g. name, contact details, team etc..)


Some data can be tied to the survey responses such as demographic, channel, competency level. But no personally identifiable data will be attributed to the responses or made available.

Analyse – Listen to your people

Our world-leading system allows you to search, read, listen, theme, or analyse all the responses and associated data from your employees with ease.
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Track, Measure & Report

We are metric agnostic, so, however, you need to track, measure, or report on the wellbeing of your people we can help. Our role-specific dashboards or permissions will ensure that the right people can access the right information.