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Experience Customers

The Experience Customers podcast is the best way for CX leaders and learners alike to learn about a new groundbreaking Customer Needs methodology that’s changing how organisations are approaching their CX programmes. 

What to expect this season

Episode 1: A better way to experience customers

Here we will explore why a new method of understanding and experiencing customers is needed and what are the 3 things you need to get started.

Episode 2: 3 types of needs

Core needs, perceived needs, and innovated needs, what are they? How can you identify them? and how can an organisation use them?

Episode 3: Latent needs & drivers

Why latent needs are important and the potential disruption risks. Where to look and how to uncover them. What are drivers and why are they so important?

Episode 4: A simple framework

Why NPS is a relationship measure that predominantly sits in the domain of marketing and why operations need their own specific approach. Why performance and emotion is important how it can be used in conjunction a relationship measure for business success.

Episode 5: Why listening matters

Data is great but it is not your customer. Why authentic feedback is important and voice will help you understand how your customers feel. Is it possible to humanise your customer and make a real connection?

Episode 6: Powerful insights, respectfully gained

This approach will allow you to respectfully gain powerful insights and provide stories backed by solid numbers. But be aware, “platitude seekers need not apply”.

Episode 7: Recipe for business success

Discover, Act, and Learn. We will discuss each stage and how to approach them for business success.

Episode 8: Influencing the business

The ultimate test of any CX approach is: Can the outputs be used to make better business decisions? We will talk about how CNS will equip you with everything needed to inform and influence decisions on strategy, products & services, and operational improvement.

About our guest

Creator of CNS

Creator of CNS methodology

Stephen Hewett

Creator of Customer Needs Solution methodology Stephen Hewett has 30+ years working with blue chip organisations on, employee and customer experience. He has written 4 books and is a Global Thought Leader & Speaker on everything customer experience.

Stephen will be sharing how and why Customer Needs Solution (CNS) was created, how businesses can use it to succeed in improving their customer experience initiatives.

About our host

CEO of Bigears

CEO of Bigears

Julia Forsyth

Julia Forsyth is the co-founder and CEO of BigEars, a global leader in Customer Experience. Originally from Scotland, she has made Wellington New Zealand her home. Driven by a desire to create engaging and authentic CX programmes she is excited to be pioneering a new approach with Customer Needs Solution. She is delighted to be sharing her conversations with Stephen Hewett through this series of podcasts.