August 4, 2017

Customers can tell when you care about what you do


It’s a good feeling when a client says to you, “That was the most fun I’ve had at work.”

This happened to us the other day, after we took a client with us to the recording studio, so that they could observe their feedback survey being recorded by our voice talent. What made it fun wasn’t just the warmth and quiet of the soundproof studio, the incredible array of buttons and sliders and twinkling lights, and the obvious skill of both our voice talent and the studio engineer – what really made it a great day was that we all felt invested in the outcome, we all really believed in what we were doing, and we came away believing we’d done a great job.

At BigEars we’re so used to doing things this way we tend to take it for granted – every step of the way we obsess about the detail, we tweak and tweak until we get it just right, and we’re not happy until someone says “That’s awesome!”

Unfortunately, few customer feedback surveys are designed with as much care. Most are a cookie-cutter response to a perceived problem – ‘we need to tick the ‘feedback box’, ‘we need to look as though we care’.

At BigEars we don’t think that’s good enough – we don’t send out a feedback invite until we are sure we understand both you and your customer, and we don’t put anything in front of a customer that isn’t one hundred percent right.

What we find is that when that’s the way you work, you get a lot more out of whatever it is you’re doing. For us and our clients that means richer feedback, more people listening, sharing, and responding to that feedback, more insight gained, and best of all – more fun had at work.

A quick, behind-the-scenes look at how we record a BigEars voice survey.


Julia Forsyth CEO

Julia Forsyth, CEO






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August 4, 2017