Great article from Neil Hoyne about the power of asking for positive feedback.

The Power of the Positive Ask

Totally agree with Neil…..putting your best foot forward applies to many situations, and gathering customer feedback is no exception. In fact, companies can influence future customer behavior simply by directly asking for positive feedback!

When asking for customer feedback, giving customers the opportunity to share their positive experiences, rather than prompting questions with a negative undertone such as ‘how can we improve your experience?’ – is really important and it goes far beyond what this article describes.

There are many ways that directly asking your customers to share positive experiences can benefit your business. Positive, open-ended questions have been shown to increase levels of satisfaction, boosts repeat purchases, elevate spending levels and strengthen brand loyalty as a start.

Prompting customers to give positive experiences not only makes them feel more positive overall about your brand, but receiving good feedback can also have a profound impact on employees too.

Employees can hear that their work is not only appreciated, but really valued by their customers. Hearing feedback is an amazing way to show employees that their interactions can affect someone’s day, and how their work influences a customers entire overall experience with your company.

Ask and you shall receive – a simple concept, with huge rewards!