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BigEars had its beginnings in the Wellington home of husband and wife team Mark and Julia Forsyth, who had been working through various iterations of their innovative voice technology software since 2004, but despite promising leads, hadn’t found a market for it. When the global recession hit in 2008, everything changed. BigEars suddenly had its platform. “As the recession deepened, companies realised they could no longer afford the luxury of ignoring their customers,” says Mark. “They literally couldn’t afford not to listen.”

Since then, BigEars has gone from strength to strength. Still headquartered in Wellington, the company now employs a team of transcribers in New Zealand and the UK, and operates a satellite office in London.  

With customers in New Zealand, Australia, UK and the USA, BigEars has pioneered a fresh new approach to customer feedback that is being recognised around the world.


The BigEars philosophy is that giving feedback should be a good customer experience, and that customer feedback should be listened-to and shared. The company strives to collect feedback in the most customer-friendly way possible, and works hard behind the scenes to bring feedback to life, constantly innovating on how to make the audio more relevant, more impactful, and easier to digest. The aim is to provide feedback that’s easy to share, and impossible to ignore.

Our Team

Julia Forsyth
This proudly Scottish social-butterfly flew to Wellington and stayed. A photographer, networker, and blue-sky thinker, Julia fits more into her day than most do in a week. Add to the list mother of three, reluctant gym-bunny, and ultra-rapid dog-walker.
Mark Forsyth
This innovative entrepreneur enjoys finding solutions to everyday problems – even ones we didn’t know we had. The problem-solving continues at home, where on any given day, you might find him dismantling a chimney brick-by-brick, or sewing ribbons onto ballet shoes.
David Gaffney
Head of Growth & Strategy
Grew up in Ireland, calls Wellington home. Passionate about family, travel and continuous learning. Always positive and will find a creative solution in any situation. Favorite part of the job is being able to contribute to the success of businesses and people.
Nathan Carlton
Chief Customer Advocate
Arrived 10 years ago in NZ on a gap year, he says it's going well so far! Chef, Golfer, Drummer. Passionately believes aligning business & customer goals is a superpower!
Stephen Hewett
Senior UK Advisor
30+ years working with blue chip organisations on, employee and CX. Stephen has written 4 books and is a Global Thought Leader & Speaker on customer experience and creator of Customer Needs Solution methodology
Jenny Trevelyan
Brand Champion
A keen gardener out of the office, at work Jenny enjoys cultivating customer stories. Other pastimes include running, reading, and providing a taxi service to her two young children.
Alex Brodie
Head of Customer Success
This futsal-mad player and coach is a safe pair of hands both on and off the pitch. Other interests include cooking, making and playing music, and bonding with an assortment of office dogs.
Stuart Davidson
Operations Manager
This father-of-two juggles a dizzying array of clients and campaign set-ups with both charm and ease. Stu’s other talents include wargaming, cycling, and delighting his daughters with a mean pork roast.

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