May 2, 2017

Cabot Financial winners in customer feedback strategy

In April 2017,  we were delighted to hear one of our most forward thinking clients, Cabot Credit Management, took out the Customer Feedback Strategy award at the prestigious ICS UK Customer Satisfaction Awards. Judges for the award looked at how easy it is for customers to give feedback, and how effectively the feedback is then used to drive positive change in future customer experiences. Cabot’s feedback strategy managed to beat out nine other finalists including some big names like EDF Energy, Virgin Money, and RSA Insurance.

Achieving this award is particularly impressive due to the uniquely challenging customer relationship in their industry. As a debt recovery company, their customer relationship is rarely voluntary and customers are often under significant stress and in difficult circumstances. The nature of the complex customer relationships means that empathy and customer centricity are imperative to be recognised at such a high level.

This recognition didn’t really come as a surprise to our team as we’ve seen first hand Cabot’s commitment to really, truly listening to their customers. The judges for the awards noted that as part of their DNA, Cabot’s customer values are: empathy and respect; individual treatment, positive experience and fair outcomes. They felt the submission clearly showed that the Customer Feedback Strategy has had a positive outcome, with an increase in the number of customers making payments and an increase in the number of customers maintaining their arrangement with the company.

“The award was not just in recognition of CCM’s impressive customer satisfaction results, but also its leading edge customer feedback innovation.” – Ken Stannard, CEO

We’re proud to have worked with Cabot over the last year and a half to support the implementation of their customer feedback strategy.

Cabot Financial - Customer Feedback Strategy Award

May 2, 2017