Information for Respondents

About BigEars

Founded in 2004 and registered in New Zealand, BigEars Ltd provides voice feedback services to many well-known and trusted brands.

Operating globally, we collect feedback, especially audio feedback, for clients in many industries including hospitality, retail, and finance, and in both the private and public sectors.

Your Privacy

We take your privacy, and the confidentiality of our Clients’ data, very seriously. We design our systems and processes to the highest privacy standards in the range of countries we operate in, and we are registered as a Data Controller with the UK Information Commissioner.

Personal Information

BigEars does not collect personal information about you. BigEars does, however, store personal information such as your first name, mobile number and email address. This is information supplied to us by our Client and obtained with your knowledge and consent. BigEars will only ever use your personal information to collect feedback from you on behalf of our Client. We will never share this data with a third party for any reason other than in the course of providing our services to the Client (unless compelled to by law). We will never sell your data, or our Clients’ data to another party.

Customer feedback is seen by our Clients as an important part of their transaction with you, a way of ensuring that they are serving you to your satisfaction. The feedback is used for research purposes, to learn and train, and increase customer empathy and awareness.

Your Anonymity

Generally the feedback is presented semi-anonymously, in that your name and contact information is not presented with your feedback, but it is still possible for authorised staff of the Client organisation to link feedback to a specific individual, if required. An example of where this might be done is if your feedback requires follow-up with you directly.

Where voice feedback is collected, the recording is made available for the Client to listen to – this experience increases the impact of your feedback. It also means that it is possible for a Client staff member who knows you well enough to recognise your voice, which would mean that, to them at least, your feedback would lose its anonymity.

Transaction and interaction information

Where possible we link feedback to specific transactions, so that feedback can be viewed in context (for example who you were served by, and when). This contextual information is typically supplied to us by our Client. Any financially sensitive information our Client may hold regarding you or your transactions is specifically not provided to us. We only access the minimal information required to make the feedback process effective.

Why we collect voice feedback

BigEars are experts in customer voice feedback. We believe that giving feedback should be a good customer experience, and that it’s much easier to give detailed feedback by talking rather than typing. Feedback should also be listened-to and actioned, and audio feedback has more impact. We collect the unscripted, unedited voices of customers and deliver them in real time, making feedback fresh, immediate and meaningful.

Why we contacted you

You have probably been contacted by BigEars on behalf of our Client to give feedback on a recent interaction, such as a phone call, or purchase. If you choose to take part in the voice survey, our Client will listen closely to your feedback and use it to improve their service to you in the future.

How do I unsubscribe?

In general, feedback requests are triggered by a specific interaction you have had with our Client, and we have stringent protections in place to ensure that you are not repeatedly asked for feedback, even if you have a lot of interactions. Our request for feedback includes information on how to block future requests – check your email invite for instructions, or simply reply STOP to your text invite. However, please think carefully before electing to do this, as the request for feedback is sincere, and by unsubscribing,  you will exclude yourself from future opportunities to give feedback on interactions with our Client.