May 2, 2017

To be truly customer-centric, you have to let the tail wag the dog

To be truly customer-centric, you have to be prepared to let the tail wag the dog.

Just because your invite goes out at the tail-end of your customer journey, don’t think that you should treat customer feedback as an afterthought. Customers can tell when you’re not taking them seriously, like when your invite is a web address on the back of a receipt, or when the survey stretches into pages and pages of irrelevant tick boxes, or when they never hear back from you or notice any improvements to your service.

Unfortunately, there are far too many companies out there at the moment who are tacking feedback surveys onto the end of their customer journey with little thought for the impression the survey itself will leave on the customer. This is self-defeating in two ways: customers who feel like the feedback request is half-hearted are likely to give half-hearted responses at best, and a poorly-designed feedback survey is likely to frustrate and annoy customers who do bother to take part. 

It is understandably very hard for customers to believe that companies who treat feedback in this way are really listening, or that they plan to respond to customer feedback with actual changes and improvements to their service. 

At BigEars we believe that feedback surveys should be engaging, easy, even fun! We always aim to delight customers with our voice surveys – whether through touches of humour or unusual, thought-provoking questions.Then, to ensure customers are heard, we make it just as easy for businesses to listen to their feedback, respond in a timely way to it, and share it company-wide. 

That’s why we work with some of the most customer-centric companies in the banking, retail and hospitality industries, and that’s why when you have a BigEars voice survey, you can rest assured that your customer will never be left feeling like an afterthought.

May 2, 2017