How it Works

BigEars feedback program explainer video


A BigEars feedback program begins with a comprehensive scoping workshop to identify what it is that you need to know, what the pain points are in your customer journey, who your audience is, and what the appropriate tone and language is for that audience.

Next, our team of experts prepare a dialogue designed to deliver maximum insight.

Once the dialogue is approved, it’s recorded in a studio.

The survey is built by our brilliant technicians – checked, double-checked, triple-checked, and then, when we’re sure it’s working perfectly, your customers are invited.


BigEars feedback program invite


As soon as feedback is received it is transcribed by our NZ and UK based team of transcribers, ensuring a 24-hour service.

Audio clips are curated into secure listening channels in Customer Radio, where nominated staff can listen to feedback on their computer, laptop or smartphone, make playlists and stations, filter by topic, date, staff member or location, and download or share audio clips by email.