Our Approach

Our clients have often worked with other forms of feedback and have been frustrated by its limitations. They’ve found that the feedback being gathered is vague and generic, and therefore not very useful, that it’s hard to engage with, and difficult to share across a wider audience. The BigEars approach is different.

The BigEars approach is different


Listening to voice feedback will connect you to your customers in a way that no other form of feedback can, because guess what? We are all human beings! And human beings respond to the voices of other human beings more than they ever will to a rating score or a point on a graph.

Irrefutable, inspirational, actionable. That’s what we mean when we talk about the power of voice.

Here’s how the BigEars approach to customer feedback compares to other methods:


 Focus Group Small sample

Expensive and time consuming

Prone to unpredictable group dynamics

BigEars captures the same richness of expression and depth of detail across a much broader sample and with less cost/effort.
Text survey to mobile

Responses limited to 160 characters regardless of context or complexity

Frustrating for customers who want to respond in detail

High level, vague, rarely actionable

A BigEars survey is just as direct and fast, but customers aren’t restricted to a character limit and can speak freely about what matters to them.
 Web survey High degree of effort to take part

Often long-winded with pages of tick-boxes to complete

Frustrating for customers who have one thing they want to get off their chest

BigEars makes it easy for customers to respond. We use open-ended questions to draw maximum insight, allowing the customer to get straight to the point.
Traditional IVR survey Robotic

Voice recognition software 90% accurate at best

Unable to interpret sarcasm, humour, irony or emotion

BigEars voice surveys are warm & friendly. Our transcribers are expert listeners and our transcriptions are 100% accurate, while the audio delivers emotion.